There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration when planning your business strategy

Quinte Business Accounting can save you time and money by handling your corporate and personal taxes. We are committed toproviding you with the same level of professionalism, integrity andhigh quality service that is expected from any top accounting firm.

Personal Tax Services

  • Our staff is able to assist with the entire spectrum of personal filing scenarios.
  • Prior tax years unfiled? We can complete up to seven years of previous taxes and show you what the bottom line will be before filing.
  • Staff members will sit-down with you to discuss your financial activities throughout the previous year to ensure all information is accurately reported on your personal income tax return.
  • Once completed, we will sit-down with you again to review the fileso that all information is confirmed before submission

Corporate Tax Services

  • Quinte Business Accounting Services staff are able to review historical records, enabling you to ensure compliance with:
  • Payroll source deductions○ GST/HST filing
  • Workplace Safety Insurance Board  internal procedures accurate governmental reporting
  • If discrepancies are discovered, QBA can advise on corrective measures, calculate necessary adjustments and work with you and the reporting agency to resolve the error or omission

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