Payroll can be complicated, but we make it simple.

Let us manage your payroll payments and government payroll remittances

You spend so much time dealing with compliance and time-consuming payroll processes that sometimes it takes effort to see the forest for the trees. Get rid of your payroll headaches and focus on growing your business. Many small businesses struggle to keep up with their payroll, but you can eliminate the headache–now.

Year-end preparation

Your employees will have everything they need to complete their tax returns. From T4s to T4As, we have everything your employees need to get their taxesdone on time. Compliance supportWe take away the stress of complex compliance requirements with our integrated cloud-based software solutions designed to help you avoid penalties.

Pay runs

Our team of experienced payroll practitioners ensures accurate and on-time payroll processing for all our clients. All you need to do is review the information and approve what we send you! We’ll ensure your employees receive their pay stubs and your payroll taxes are remitted to the proper authorities.

Quinte Business Accounting’s payroll services get you the following:

  • Quinte Business Accounting helps you get paid faster with bi-weekly or semi-monthly direct deposit payroll processing.
  • We will provide you with the required WSIB & Employer Health Tax filings and input information for remitting these amounts to the government and other third parties.
  • This service includes the preparation of employment terminations and Record of Employment (ROE) documents.
  • We can help with your Annual T4 and T4A processing through Wagepoint.
  • We hear you! From the CRA queries and audits relating to payroll to thetax implications of buying a new car, we are available for all your business accounting needs! We’re here to help.

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