Quinte Business Accounting Services provides a wide range of both personal and business financial services.  Depending on your location, we can either meet in person, virtually or at your office.

  1. Small Business Start Up
  • Registering your business
  • Setting up payroll and tax accounts
  • Customized record keeping process
  • Assist with switching from manual to software-based accounting process
  • Scheduled bookkeeping to meet deadlines
  • HST submission, filing and payment scheduling
  • Payroll preparation   
  • Calculate and track CPP, EI, Federal and Provincial taxes, vacation and stat holiday deductions
  • Pay cheques and governmental submissions processed by your office based on our calculations or by our staff
  1. Bookkeeping
  • One dedicated staff member to assist you
  • Systematically maintained records ensure accuracy and compliance with accepted accounting principles
  • All transactions recorded, dated, coded and filed
  • Cheques written to match approved invoices
  • Accounts payable monitored and aged
  • Income received is coded and recorded appropriately
  • Bank accounts reconciled and automatic entries recorded
  • Reports prepared and left in a sealed envelope for treasurer/executive director weekly and monthly
  • Weekly
  • General ledger of activity
  • Cheques written and approved invoices attached
  • Cash flow
  • Payroll entries
  • Accounts payable, aged listing
  • Monthly
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Government remittance reconciliations
  • Mortgage account updates
  • Month end adjustments
  • Financial statements (balance sheet and income statement)
  • Annually
  • Year-end adjustments
  • Depreciation
  • Accruals
  • Pre-paid invoices and estimates as required
  1. Business Advisory Services

To help you maintain your own day-to-day activities we can provide:

  • Basic bookkeeping training to you and your employees
  • Adult education training
  • Establish reconciliation procedures, payroll practices and basic bookkeeping activities
  1. Home-Based Business

Our knowledgeable staff can help you to navigate the possible deductions available to home-based business operators. We will help you to document and report your:

  • Income and expenses
  • Use of vehicle details
  • Home office expenses
  • Inventory activity
  1. Tax Planning

Quinte Business Accounting Services is a diverse company able to assist clients with a range of issues throughout all life-stages, including:

  • GST New Housing Rebate
  • Ontario New Housing Rebate
  • Trust Income Tax and Information Return
  • Equalization of Family Assets
  1. Personal Tax Services

Our staff is able to assist with the entire spectrum of personal filing scenarios.

  • Prior tax years unfiled? We can complete up to seven years of previous taxes and show you what the bottom line will be before filing.
  • Staff members will sit-down with you to discuss your financial activities throughout the previous year to ensure all information is accurately reported on your personal income tax return.
  • Once completed, we will sit-down with you again to review the file so that all information is confirmed before submission.
  1. Corporate Tax Services

Our staff can help you through the corporate process from inception to dissolution.

  • QBA can assist clients with the provincial or federal incorporation process.
  • We are able to offer dedicated staff trained to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Once established, our staff can maintain financial documentation for internal use as well as annual corporate tax filings.
  1. Corporate Tax Services

Quinte Business Accounting Services staff are able to review historical records, enabling you to ensure compliance with:

  • Payroll source deductions
  • GST/HST filing
  • Workplace Safety Insurance Board
  • internal procedures
  • accurate governmental reporting
  • If discrepancies are discovered, QBA can advise on corrective measures, calculate necessary adjustments and work with you and the reporting agency to resolve the error or omission
  1. Estate Planning

Estate planning with QBA will allow you to disperse your wealth, minimize tax, and ensure that your capital is preserved throughout your lifetime and for future generations.

  • Minimizing taxes during retirement and upon death
  • Clarifying the goals you have with your lifetime’s work
  • Preparing tax filings after death
  • Ensuring the financial welfare of the surviving spouse